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Our Experience with Fleet Management

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Ultimus team has spent almost half a decade time in building Fleet Management & Maintenance software solution. It has successfully completed around 40 large implementations for various Transport Business Models.

Ultimus Fleet Management Software (MISTRAN)

MISTRAN (Management Information System For Transporters) MISTRAN, an integrated easy-to-use fleet management software solution, caters the information needs of small to large-scale Transport companies. It has six integrated in-built modules like Transport, Spares & Workshop, Tires, Fuel, Finance and Forecasting. All the modules are integrated and customizable.

Salient features

  • User-centered interface
  • Ready-to-use MIS reports for cost cutting and effective decision making
  • Fully Integrated
  • Internet Ready

Transport Module

This module gives comprehensive information about the goods or material transported by each vehicle, customer wise billing for transported material, pending freights, vehicle availability and many more. Finally you will be able to know, each and every detail of the vehicle from its joining in your Fleet to its disposal.


  • Date wise and location wise vehicle availability
  • Freight/KM or distance
  • Date wise vehicle requirement
  • Drivers availability
  • Drivers contact information
  • Vehicle placement slip
  • Daily dispatch
  • Distance wise dispatch
  • District wise dispatch
  • Truck wise dispatch
  • Order wise dispatch
  • Dealer wise dispatch
  • Driver wise Trip sheet
  • Vehicle wise Trip sheet
  • Vehicle position report
  • Vehicle status report
  • Not settled FLTs & payments
  • Pending L.Rs
  • Unbilled L.Rs
  • District wise pending L.Rs
  • Received L.Rs (Daily)
  • Truck wise income & expenditure statement
  • Truck wise trips (For calculating incentives)
  • Truck wise points (For calculating incentives)
  • Own truck incentive bill
  • Volume incentive bill
  • Vehicle wise bill summary
  • Invoice for transported products/Goods (Company wise)
  • Location wise disposed vehicles details
  • Vehicle wise Accident details

Spares & Workshop Module

Here the user can prepare purchase and work orders for the spares & services he is buying. And he can also get the information about spares consumption of a vehicle, inventory volume & value.


  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase orders
  • Goods Returned (Damaged)
  • Work orders for outsourced Jobs
  • Date wise Job cards
  • Date wise spares issues
  • Vehicle wise spares issues
  • Item wise spares issues
  • Vehicle & item wise spares issues
  • Item wise average spares consumption
  • Vehicle and month wise spares consumption (comparison)
  • Date wise work orders (Outsourced jobs)
  • Vendor wise work orders (Outsourced jobs)
  • Date wise Purchase orders
  • Date wise Goods receipts
  • Vendor wise Goods receipts
  • Vendor information (product wise)
  • Stock to be ordered (Location wise)
  • Stock status (Item wise &location wise)
  • Stock ledger (Gives total value of the inventory)

Tires Module

This module helps the user to evaluate the performance of new and retread tires (vehicle wise + manufacturer wise) and stock position.


  • Tire receipts (New)
  • Tire attachment and removal
  • Tires sent to ret reader
  • Tires received from ret reader
  • Date wise Job cards
  • Date wise spares issues
  • Tires stock status (location wise)
  • Date wise tire attachments and removals
  • Tire wise performance evaluation
  • Vehicle wise tire analysis
  • Details of the Tires currently attached (Vehicle wise)
  • Date wise Tires sent to ret reader
  • Date wise Tires received from retreater
  • Tires pending with ret reader
  • Date wise Tire receipts
  • Vendor wise Tire receipts
  • Vehicle wise Tire expenditure (comparison)
  • Manufacturer wise Tire performance (comparison)
  • Ret reader wise Tire performance (comparison)

Fuel Module

This module gives the details of fuel purchases & consumption, vehicle and driver wise fuel efficiency.


  • Diesel Purchases for in-house petrol pump
  • Diesel purchases from retail outlets
  • Diesel issues
  • Date wise Diesel purchase
  • Outlet wise Diesel purchases
  • Date wise Diesel Issues
  • Vehicle wise Diesel consumption
  • Fuel Efficiency consolidations
  • Vehicle wise fuel efficiency (detailed)
  • Vehicle & Month wise fuel efficiency(comparison)
  • Date wise Driver’s salary deduction for consumption of excess fuel
  • Stock status report
  • Pump wise meter reading
  • Fuel Ledger
  • List of vehicles not meeting the fuel efficiency standards

Finance Module

This module gives the complete financial reports, right from the Daybook to final settlement of Accounts.


  • Receipts
  • Payments
  • Journal vouchers
  • Day Book
  • Cash Register
  • Bank Register
  • Journal Register
  • Contra Register
  • Ledger
  • Creditors List
  • Debtors List
  • Profit & Loss A/C
  • Group Summary
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Funds Flow Statement
  • Aging Analysis
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Trail Balance
  • Balance Sheet

Forecasting & Messaging

This module alerts the user about spares stock level, low fuel efficiency and due dates of Road Tax and Government Inspections.


  • Stores Related Alerts
    • Out of Stock Alert
    • Forecasts the items needed in future
    • Forecasts the number of Tires to be sent to retread
  • Vehicle Related Alerts
    • Low fuel efficiency
    • Finance Installment Due
    • Insurance Due
    • Driver License Renewal
    • Break
    • Road Tax Due
    • Permit Renewal
    • Engine Oil Change
    • Hub-Servicing Alert
    • Pollution Check

MISTRAN Variants

MISTRAN is available in two variants.

Stand-alone Version:

This version is designed, keeping in view of small transporters information needs.

Network Version:

Useful for medium and large scale companies functioning from multiple locations.


Stand-alone version of MISTRAN requires MS-ACCESS support and runs on Windows-XP Platform.

Network version of MISTRAN needs MS-SQL DBMS, Windows 2000 server and Windows-XP.


Pentium Dual Core or above with 1 GB RAM is sufficient to run the stand-alone version of MISTRAN.

Network version requires a server with Core 2 Duo processor or any high speed processor supports the above platform.